YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly

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YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly
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North Carolina

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YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly is a retreat and conference destination located just outside of Asheville, North
Carolina. It was founded over 100 years ago in Black Mountain, North Carolina as a conference center and
mountain getaway, but also with a vision to be a leadership training center. For over a century YMCA Blue
Ridge has welcomed groups of youths and adults as well as families to come together and build
relationships. This is a place to learn from speakers, discover the beauty of the natural setting, enjoy healthy
outdoor activities, and grow spiritually and mentally through the YMCA local and international community.
The common goal is to create relationships and inspire all those who set foot on campus including school
field trips, spiritual retreats, church retreats, youth camps, family reunions, training opportunities, and/or
team building retreats for non-profit organizations or companies.