Amusement park

Job title:
Amusement park
New Jersey

Work description

 $8.44 per hour
Food & Beverage - 2 positions
Food and Beverage Assistants are responsible for waiting on customers, answering customer questions,
setting up and clearing tables, preparing hot or cold food/drinks and assisting other staff as needed.
Ride Operator - 6 positions
Ride Operators are responsible for displaying a professional, pleasant attitude to all customers. Job duties
for this position may include starting and stopping amusement park rides for both children and adults,
assisting guests on rides, and giving safety instructions to guests. Students will receive training upon
arrival and may also be expected to work in other areas of the store as directed by management.
Games Operator - 12 positions
Game Operators are responsible for working booth games, promoting games to guests, handing out
prizes, assisting guests as needed with questions and troubleshooting game issues.
Additional Information
All positions will require staff to work outside in the heat for extended periods of time . Please be prepared
with sunglasses, suntan lotion and a hat if needed. We are looking to hire honest and hardworking
individuals committed to teamwork!
Work Schedule
Participants can expect to receive 40+ hours per week. Schedules and time off requests are tracked via a
computer program. Employees are also welcome to discuss with our hand on managers any situations
involving their work schedules. Any changes to the schedule will be noted in the computer program.
Uniforms will be provided at no cost. Please bring comfortable shoes and clean shorts/pants. You will be
expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times.
Required Work Dates
● Arrival: June 15-28
● Departure: September 3- September 16 *All staff will be required to work through Labor Day
Hiring Preferences
● 15 Male, 5 Female. Friend Groups and Couples are acceptable.
● Group Interviews: Maximum of 4
Housing Description
You will be provided with a place to stay that is within walking/biking distance to your job, the boardwalk,
beach, and public transportation. A variety of housing arrangements will be used, such as single family
houses. Your housing will be assigned to you upon arrival. The housing will be furnished with cooking,
bathing, and refrigeration facilities. You will be sharing your room with other people and your employer
will do his best to assign friends to the same houses. However, if you cannot live with your friends, all
houses are within walking distance. There is no drinking or smoking in the house. Upon arrival your
employer will discuss the housing guidelines which must be followed. 2 students per bedroom.
Housing Cost
There will be a $250 refundable housing deposit that will be returned to you in full upon completion of the
contract. The housing will cost $50 per week and will be deducted from your paycheck.
Area Description
Keansburg is located along the New Jersey shore. We are a short bike ride to the beach and local shopping
areas. We are conveniently located closeby to local trains and buses to other beach areas, Atlantic City
and New York City.