Bus person, Kitchen Help

Job title:
Bus person
Kitchen Help
South Dakota
Employer type:

Work description

 $9.75 per hour

Job Descriptions:
Café – Assist customers by facilitating sales in the café and providing excellent customer service. Assist in food
preparation, food safety, keeping a clean work environment, restocking supplies and food merchandise as
needed, and assisting with opening and closing procedures for the restaurant.
Retail sales – Assist customers by facilitating sales in the retail shops and providing excellent customer service.
Assist in restocking of merchandise and supplies, sweep, dust, and straighten merchandise.
Maintenance – Assist customers by answering questions that they may have. Help unload trucks and store
merchandise and supplies in the correct areas. Collect trash, clean dining rooms assure that the facility is
always clean and in order. Retrieve merchandise and supplies from storage and take it to the appropriate
English Requirement:
Very strong English is required for all positions.
Other Requirements:
Employees must be able to provide excellent customer service and be able to stand for 8 hours
each day.
Work Dates:
Arrival Dates: June 15-30
Departure Dates: September 15 to October 
Male/Female, Couples, Friend Groups:
No preference for male/female ratio, couples ok, friend groups ok.

Maintenance, Cafe, and Retail positions 
Work Hours:
You should expect to work 40-48 hours per week. Schedules rotate between early and late. The employees are
scheduled 1 week at a time. If the employee has a second job we do our best to accommodate them, but
cannot guarantee a set shift.
Housing Information:
All housing is fully furnished with kitchen, internet, water, sewer, trash and electricity included in the rent. All
of our housing is within a short walking distance of Wall Drug Store (less than 0.5 miles). Employees may share
a room with one other person. Bedrooms have a maximum of two people per room. Housing costs are
expected to be close to $40 per participant, per week in 2018, and housing costs are deducted from the
participant paycheck. You will pay a $100 deposit for your housing upon arrival.
Employees must wear your name tag while working anywhere in the store. Employees must wear a company
provided uniform top and the appropriate pants. The only tops that can be worn while working are the black
Wall Drug sweatshirts that have white lettering, the grey Wall Drug Staff sweatshirts, company provided
smocks and the provided denim tops or green polo tops. Employees who work in retail, cafe, or maintenance
are allowed to wear black slacks, the company-provided denim skirt or blue or black jeans in good condition,
with no holes. Leggings, Capri pants, athletic pants, shorts and sweatpants are NOT appropriate workplace
attire. The only thing that employees would be required to buy from Wall Drug Store is the Wall Drug
sweatshirts or jackets if they would like to have them. Wall Drug provides the uniform tops, name tags and
denim skirts. Employees are required to purchase their own pants and shoes.
Area Description:
Wall is a rural area that is just an hour away from Black Hills National Forest, Custer State Park, Mount
Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Wall is only 8 miles away from Badlands National Park. We also take our
international employees on trips to the Black Hills so they have opportunity to experience local attractions.
They get to see Mount Rushmore, attractions in the hills and they make a stop to pick up anything they might
need at Walmart on the way back to Wall. Wall Drug also has 8 store parties throughout the summer. They are
after the store is closed, the employees are served American meals such as Chili Dogs, Buffalo Burgers, etc.
Each party has a different meal. In the evenings we also offer volleyball and basketball activities along with our
private swimming pool that you are welcome to use on your time off.

Hourly wage


Working time

between 32 and 40 hours per week

Accommodation cost

$60/ week