Fast Food Crew

Job title:
Fast Food Crew
Myrtle Beach
Employer region:
South Carolina
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Work description

You will be sharing a large beach house located in Garden City Beach with other international students. The house consists of three separate apartments with 3-4 rooms and approximately 9 students in each apartment. You should expect to share a room with up to 3 other students. You will pay your employer directly for the cost of your accommodation. To get to and from work, you will have easy access to the local bus service. Your housing will be located between 3/4 of a mile and 2 miles from the restaurants. While on the job, you will be provided with one free meal during your shift. There will be full kitchen facilities and laundry at the house. The house is conveniently located two blocks from the ocean.

Hourly wage

7.50 $

Accommodation cost

85-100 $/week