Ice cream server

Job title:
Ice cream server
Employer region:
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Employer type:
Ice cream vending

Work description

You will be working at an ice cream store in Provincetown, MA. You will be responsible for making soft-serve ice cream cones, banana splits, and other ice cream treats. You will need to be confident in American money and your English, and you must be good at making an ice cream cone. You may also be asked to assist with other aspects of running Ben & Jerry’s.

Uniform / Dress code

You will be provided with a company t-shirt. You must provide your own neat pants or dresses and your own closed toe shoes.

Hourly wage

$8.25 / hr. plus tips.

Working time

5-8 hours / day, 5-6 days / week.

Accommodation cost

$137/ week.

Accommodation description

You will be sharing a house within walking distance of your job. You will be sharing your room with another international student. Your apartment has a full bathroom, refrigerator, utensils, plates and cooking supplies, as well as Internet access.

Description of the area

You will be living and working in amazing Provincetown, Massachusetts. This is a popular tourist destination located in an area called Cape Cod. You are half of a mile from the beach, restaurants, grocery stores, shops, movie theaters, and a library. An exciting summer with great employers awaits you in Cape Cod!