Lifeguard / pool operator

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Lifeguard / pool operator
Glen Burnie
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Work description

Employee will be a lifeguard and pool operator at a community swimming pool. Lifeguards are required to be swimmers and must pass lifeguard training and pool operator classes. The discounted lifeguard training fee for international employees is $100, which includes the StarGuard lifeguard training course, one whistle, one CPR mask, the pool operators course, pool operator license fee, and transportation to/from training classes. The primary responsibility of the lifeguard is the safety for all patrons in the pool as well as pool area. The secondary responsibility is to maintain a clean facility which includes cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming the pool, and cleaning the pool area. In addition, lifeguards are expected to monitor pool filter operations and pool chemistry levels. Customer service is a very important element of the job. Lifeguards must maintain a professional and approachable demeanor at all times. Lifeguards are required to follow policies, procedures, guidelines, and codes set forth by the DRD Employee Manual, StarGuard Lifeguard certification course, and the Maryland State Health Department.

Required specific qualifications

Employee must be a proficient swimmer and capable of the following:

  • Employee must be able to swim 90 meters without stopping, tread water for 1 minute without hands, and retrieve a 4.54 kilogram brick from a depth of 3 meters;
  • Advanced Conversational English skills are a requirement. Employees will be interacting with patrons on a regular basis.

Description of working conditions

Most work sites will require the lifeguard to work outside in a summer environment for long periods of time. Shifts range from 4 hours to 10 hours with breaks built in. During breaks, lifeguards cannot leave the work site. Each lifeguard is responsible for bringing food and drink to work each day.

Uniform / Dress code

Lifeguards must purchase a uniform package, 2 shirts, 1 bathing suit, & 1 hat. The cost of the uniform package is $70. Lifeguards must wear DRD uniform to work every day and should bring sunscreen and sunglasses to work every day.

Hourly wage


Payment terms

Lifeguards are paid every two weeks. Normal payment is by direct deposit into bank account.

Overtime pay rate

$12.75 / hr.


If the employee fulfills their commitment to work through the specified date on their InterExchange contract, the employee will qualify for the training discount.

Working time

40 - 50 hours / week.

Accommodation cost

100 / week.

Accommodation description

Employees can expect to pay for rent through a paycheck deduction. No deposit required. Students will be responsible for damages to apartment. Students should expect to live with 4-5 other students in the apartment. Students will be asked to live with students of other nationalities. Apartment placement and roommates are selected at the time of arrival. Co-ed housing is available. There will be a maximum of 3 students to a room. Apartments vary based on location, but are nearby work sites. Apartment locations in Maryland include Towson, Hampden, Mount Washington, Pikesville, and Reisterstown but are nearby work sites. Water, air conditioning, electricity, cable, telephone, internet, and furniture will be included in the rent payment. Students do not have the option of finding housing independently. Transportation to the work site is not provided. Public transportation is accessible from apartment placement. Students are also encouraged to obtain bicycles for transportation to work. The pools we manage are nearby Towson, MD, which is home to the Towson University Campus, the Towson Mall, and Towson Library. Students can go shopping at the mall and surrounding shops, take in a movie at the local theater, or take public transportation to downtown Baltimore and the Inner Harbor.

Business description

For two generations, DRD has been setting the standard in pool management services. As a family-owned business, we recognise the value of trusted relationships. We work as partners with our clients to provide detailed attention tailored to individual needs and unique facility characteristics. Our long-standing reputation for service excellence is based on constant client communications and the experience to offer guaranteed professional solutions. DRD strives for complete client satisfaction by ensuring that our staff provides a supervised environment that is safe, professional and clean. DRD has been operating since 1965. Great DRD employees are dedicated, hardworking, and professional. Description of Area: The Baltimore area is the perfect area for students looking to do day trips on their days off. We are a 3 hour bus ride from the beach or New York City. Washington DC and Philadelphia are also about an hour away. Students should be able to walk or take public transportation to get to local attractions and shops.