Guest Services

Job title:
Guest Services
Blue Mountain Lake

Work description

The Hedges provides a friendly work environment. Members of the Hedges hospitality staff will interact with guests, fellow staff members, and The Hedges management throughout the 2019 season. The Hedges provides opportunities for international staff members to practice and improve their English language skills, and to learn other skills that can be helpful in their future employment. The Hedges is known for its service, and staff members must be friendly, helpful, accommodating, attentive to detail, and willing to work alongside other American and international staff members. Hospitality staff duties include: •Wait staff responsibilities, including providing breakfast and dinner meal service to Hedges guests, serving food and drinks, setting and clearing tables, and dealing in United States currency. •Housekeeping duties, including cleaning rooms, vacuuming, changing linens, cleaning bathrooms, and doing laundry. •Other tasks assigned by The Hedges managers, possibly including gardening, straightening the beach area and kayaks, office work, and setting up and cleaning up after special events. Hospitality staff can expect to earn at least $15 per hour (including tips), and up to $18 to $22 per hour (including tips) at some times during the season. Housing costs are low ($85 per week), and meals are provided free of charge when working a shift, which enables our hospitality staff to save a lot of their earnings.

Wage: $7.50 /hour

Hours: 40 hours /week

Preferred Start Dates: Jun 15 2019 - Jul 1 2019

Preferred Finish Dates: Sep 30 2019

Position Description: Hospitality Crewmembers are responsible for laundry and housekeeping, kitchen and dining help, guest services, front desk, and groundskeeping/maintenance.



Hospitality staff housing, located in nearby Indian Lake, includes a living room area, a full kitchen that can be used to prepare meals during staff free time, 2 1/2 bathrooms, laundry, television and Internet. Hospitality staff share a bedroom. The house is within walking distance to small stores, a movie theatre, and restaurants.

Rent: $85.00 /week

Deposit: $100.00