Xanterra Glacier National Park Lodges

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Xanterra Glacier National Park Lodges
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Known for its seemingly endless acres of rugged and breathtaking landscapes, Glacier National Park was
established in 1910 and stands today as a monument to wild natural places. In 1932 Glacier National Park
was designated as part of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Today, it remains a symbol of
shared stewardship and a testament to the important and deep-rooted relationship between Canada and
the U.S. Just as the landscape and wildlife are part of the heritage of Glacier National Park, so are the
historic lodges and classic Red Buses and their drivers known as “jammers.” With abundant in-park lodging,
Glacier National Park Lodges stands ready to welcome the park’s visitors and help create memorable and
meaningful experiences to last a lifetime. Xanterra Travel Collection is one of the authorized
concessionaires in Glacier National Park and is a proud steward of the park. We operate and maintain
lodging, restaurants, red bus tours and gift shops throughout the park. We have 563 guest rooms, seven
food and beverage outlets, and seven retail locations in Glacier National Park.