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Piggly Wiggly
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Hotel (large)

Work description

The Piggly Wiggly Sister Bay is a grocery store located in Village of Sister Bay, Wisconsin in a popular area known as Door County. During the spring and summer months tourists from Chicago, Milwaukee, and other cities come to Door County to enjoy theater productions, art, and outstanding outdoor activities in the many parks and recreational areas in the county.
The store has undergone an extensive remodeling and expansion. You'll be working in a new facility. We're looking for enthusiastic people who want to work in a fast paced business. Our staff will appreciate your efforts, as many Summer Work Travel Alumni maintain long-term relationships with our permanent staff.

Description of working conditions

All positions have an important role in the operation of a grocery store. You will perform many job duties on the sales floor and you will experience frequent contact with customers. We expect staff to greet customers and offer excellent customer service including helping customers locate desired purchases.

Uniform / Dress code

Piggly Wiggly will provide shirts for you to wear. We ask that you bring blue jeans with you.

Hourly wage

Job Title -  Wage
Deli Clerk $10.00/hour 
Produce Clerk $10.00/hour 
Bakery Clerk $10.00/hour 
Cashier $10.00/hour 
Meat Clerk $10.50/hour 
Grocery Clerk $10.00/hour 
Dairy Clerk $10.50/hour


You will be eligible to receive a bonus of $0.75 for every hour you have worked provided you fulfill your contract.

Working time

Work Hours: You should expect to work 40 - 48 hours per week . Overtime pay is available at time and a
half. Shifts in the Grocery, Dairy Produce and Deli are in the afternoon. Shits in the Bakery are in the morning
and afternoon. Schedules are posted for each week. The hours will generally remain the same each week.

Work Start Dates: You should plan your U.S. arrival so you can begin working June 15 – July 1.

Work Finish Dates: We are looking for candidates who can finish working September 8 – Septemeber 30.
You should be as upfront and honest as possible about your work finish date. It is customary in the U.S. to
give at least two weeks notice of your final day of work.

Accommodation description

Piggly Wiggly does provide housing for Summer Work Travel Exchange Visitors. Everyone will have his or her own bed. There will be no more than two individuals in each bedroom. The houses are equipped with a full kitchen, two full bathrooms, and a computer with internet access. Each employee is provided bedding and the house is cleaned weekly. We also provide bicycles for you to use. Housing is ¼ mile from the work site. The cost is $50.00 per week; there is a $100.00 refundable security deposit. At the end of the summer, if the house is clean and not damaged, the deposit is returned.

Business description

The inn is located in the heart of downtown. Ultimately there is something enchanting about a visit to Coeur d'Alene. With the spectacular setting at the shore of one America's most beautiful lakes, year-round activities, and vibrant landscape, Coeur d'Alene continues to be the destination of choice for discerning travelers worldwide. Enjoy the exquisite dining, world class golfing, shopping, nightlife, and all that Coeur d'Alene offers. We are the ideal location for those who prefer to explore on foot!

Description of the area

Door County is located 4 hours north of Chicago. There are weekly concerts in the parks and summer festivals in the villages. You will be able to participate in numerous activities through the Bridges program . You can kayak, water ski, and visit nearby islands and parks. In addition, we will hold a summer International Picnic. You are invited to make food from your home country to share with everyone. During the picnic you receive a gift and can participate in games and dance. We also have shopping trips to Green Bay.
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