Work description

Located in the western United States, Sun Valley is the premier year round resort with two high seasons: summer and winter. The resort and its employees are highly regarded for consistently providing excellent service, high levels of guest courtesy, and attention to quality and fine details. Sun Valley’s reputation as a world class operation comes from its commitment to quality. Professional employees deliver first class accommodations, cuisine, comfort, personal service, and courtesy to guests and visitors. Facilities include two lodges totaling 550 rooms, famous ski mountains (home of the world’s first chair lift!), restaurants, retail stores, and summer and winter recreation. The region has been home to the rich, famous, and powerful, including Mats Wilander, Walter Annenberg, Ernest Hemingway, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We are looking to hire roughly 40 males and 40 females due to housing constraints. We can interview and hire couples and friend groups. Couples will only be housed together if they are married.

Description of working conditions

You must be flexible and prepared to do any of these jobs for the entire summer.
Although you will be filling support staff positions, strong English will still be a fundamental part of your job. You are encouraged to practice your speaking and comprehension skills as best you can before arriving.

Uniform / Dress code

You should always maintain a neat and clean appearance on the job . If hair is long, it must be pulled back and all body piercings must be removed for work . There may be no visible tattoos . Males – hair should not be longer than collar length, and facial hair is not allowed at work except for a well-trimmed mustache . Employees will be required to bring a pair of comfortable, black shoes . Uniforms are provided at no cost to the employee as long as they are returned at the end of the season .

Hourly wage

Housekeeper $11.00/Hour
Houseman $11.00/Hour
Pool/Spa Attendants $9.00/Hour
Setups Staff $9.00/Hour
Bus Person $6.00/Hour + Tips
Cashier $9.00/Hour
Dishwasher $11.00/Hour

Working time

Work Hours: You should expect to work and average of 32 hours per week . There may be opportunities for overtime during the busier parts of the summer season.

Work Start Dates: You should plan your U.S. arrival so you can begin working June 15.
Work Finish Dates: We are looking for candidates who can finish working Labor Day, 2020 at a minimum.
That is Monday, September , 2020. We need a minimum work commitment of 3 months .

Accommodation description

Housing is dormitory style and all rooms are quads (shared between 4 people) . Rent is $10.00/day per person, or $70 per person per week total . Rent is deducted from your paycheck and itemized on your pay stubs . An additional $62.50 will be deducted from your first three paychecks to cover the security deposit. If there is no damage done to the room and you complete the dorm check out form prior to your departure, then we will refund your deposit to you on your final paycheck.

Employees will share the bathroom, and a kitchen is not provided . Gym and Laundry are located in the Lower Level . The Aspen Commons room has vending machines, couches, ice machine, etc . , and is located on the 1st floor . The 2nd and 3rd floors have a lounge/visiting area between the wings . Visiting hours end and Quiet Hours begin at 10 pm .
Housing is located across the street within walking distance from the resort, or transportation will be provided to the job location .
The employee cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It opens early and closes fairly late to accommodate employees' schedules and the average cost of a meal is $4.

Description of the area

Sun Valley is located in central Idaho in the heart of the Wood River Valley . Surrounded by U . S . Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands in the Sawtooth Mountains of sage, aspen and forest, the air is clean, the sky is blue and the lifestyle healthy . Other communities in the valley includeKetchum, Hailey and Bellevue . Boise, the state capital, is 150 miles southwest and Twin Falls is 75 miles directly south of Sun Valley .

Recreation and Activities : Sun Valley offers year-round recreational opportunities including alpine skiing,
ice skating, Nordic skiing, golf, tennis, biking, swimming, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing,
concerts, ice shows, and more .
Altitude and Climate: The valley’s altitude ranges from 5,000’ to 6,000’ with mountain vistas, including the
famous ski mountain, Baldy, at 9,150’ . Humidity is usually 30%, creating dry, sunny summers (the average
temperature is 78 degrees) and mild, sunny winters (with an average temperature of 23 degrees) . Annual
snowfall is approximately 225 inches, with an average of 250 sunny days per year . Sun Valley is a year-round
vacation land .

To learn more about Sun Valley and to see our beautiful setting, check out our promotional video .