Waitstaff Busser

Job title:
Waitstaff Busser
Ocean City
Employer region:

Work description

Job Types :
● Waitstaff
● Busser
Job Descriptions :
Waitstaff: Waitstaff are responsible for waiting on customers, answering questions, writing down lunch
and dinner orders, serving food and drinks, refilling water, dealing with U.S. currency, and possibly
setting and clearing tables. *All waitstaff must pass a menu test in order to begin waitstaff shifts. All
staff will be expected to help in other areas of the restaurant as needed
Busser: Bussers are responsible for assisting the wait staff, bringing water to the tables, clearing tables,
taking out the garbage, helping to set the tables in the dining area, bringing dishes back and forth from
the kitchen and generally keeping the dining room clean. *All staff will be expected to help in other
areas of the restaurant as needed

Salary :
● Waitstaff: $3.68 + tips
● Busser: $3.68 + tips
Work Hours : You should expect to work 36-40 hours per week

English Requirement : Strong English
Work Dates :
● Arrival Dates: June 15 - June 30
● End Dates: September 21 - October 9
Hiring Preferences : Male, Female, Couples, Friend Groups
Group Interview Maximum : 3
Uniform : All staff must arrive with neat khaki shorts, a black t-shirt, sneakers and clean cut appearance.
Other items will be provided by the restaurant.
Housing Information : Your employer does not provide housing. InterExchange will provide resources in
the job offer, but all participants must make their own arrangements directly. We advise making
arrangements as early as possible to guarantee a spot. Housing in Ocean City is typically apartment
shares with other participants. Rent can range from $85-115 per week.
Area Description : The Ocean City area has many things to offer with its famous boardwalk and
restaurants. There is a theme park located near the inlet, and Assateague Island is located only a few
miles away. You will be two to three hours from Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and five
hours from NYC.