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Grand Teton Lodge Company
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Work description

Grand Teton Lodge Company (GTLC), a brand within Vail Resorts Hospitality, operates hotels, dining, campgrounds and activities within Grand Teton National Park as well as the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis
Club. Grand Teton Lodge Company provides a unique and gratifying employment experience in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.
While the work is demanding, the recreational opportunities available in your off-time are limited only by your imagination. A genuine interest in Grand Teton National Park, and a positive attitude toward Guest Service is essential in providing an exceptional experience for our guests. It is very important to us that each employee has an Experience of a Lifetime! Grand Teton National Park is truly a special place and the individuals who work here come from all over the world. If you are looking for the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment alongside coworkers and guests from all over the globe, we've got it! Come capture the “Spirit of the Tetons” with us in one of the most photographed locations in North America. We look forward to having you join our team!

We are able to interview and hire couples and friend groups.

Required specific qualifications

All job offers will be given out with the title Resort Worker. Specific duties will be assigned by your employer based on the businesses needs upon arrival. You should expect to work as a housekeeper, dishwasher, or prep cook as those positions have the most availability. Strong English skills are required for all positions.

Uniform / Dress code

Uniforms are provided for all positions. Food and Beverage employees must purchase and bring black non-slip shoes.

Hourly wage

Back Of House
Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning guest rooms or public areas; vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, making beds, mopping and other duties associated with cleaning. Participants will use cleaning chemicals. Must be able to bend, crouch, crawl, stoop, and kneel for extended periods of time. Participants must be able to consistently lift 50 pounds (23 kgs). The wage is $9.25/hour.

Dishwashers perform daily cleaning of dishes, pot sinks, silverware, glassware, garbage disposal areas, kitchen and food preparation equipment including pots and pans, and employee cafeteria kitchen and kitchen bathrooms. Cleaning dishes and cooking utensils will consist of hand washing and the use of commercial washing machine. Participants must be able to consistently lift 50 pounds (23 kgs). The wage is $9.50/hour.

Prep Cooks are responsible for preparation of food products for cooking and serving within restaurants, including cutting, chopping, dicing vegetables, and using sharp knives. This position also includes serving food to employees in the employee dining room, wiping tables, sweeping and mopping floors, food preparation for salad bar and stocking and serving food for employees to eat. Participants must be able to consistently lift 50 pounds (23 kgs). The wage is $9.90/hour.

Front Of House
Busser/Server’s Assistants are responsible for assisting the waitstaff and our guests in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner, and additionally greet guests by offering them a warm, heartfelt welcome to the restaurant. The busser is expected to maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant by cleaning and resetting counters, assisting servers with beverage service by refilling beverages when appropriate. Participants must be able to consistently lift 50 pounds (23 kgs) and have the ability to work long shifts and varied hours. The wage is $5.00/hour plus tips. The Restaurant Cashier/To Go Attendants are responsible for greeting all guests entering the restaurant, providing information, and answering phones as necessary. The cashier appropriately and accurately submits guests' orders to the culinary team, and take guest payment once order is entered. The wage is $9.25/hour.

Retail Sales Associates are responsible for greeting customers in a friendly manner, handling customer transactions, stocking the store with merchandise as well as maintaining a fun customer focused environment. Retail Clerks will run the cash register and assist guests with their purchases.

Cashier duties include, but are not limited to, taking guest payment, making change, working on a computer, greeting guests, and other duties as assigned. Participants must be able to consistently lift 50 pounds (23 kgs). The wage is $9.25/hour.

Host/Hostess are responsible for greeting guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as controlling the flow of guests to maximize guest service. Must provide warm and friendly conversation along and guest name recognition. Required to take reservations, an


*End of season bonuses of $4.00/day are available for all Back of House resort worker positions.
Employees are eligible for the end of season bonus if 1) They work scheduled shifts through the agreed upon end date with no exceptions; 2) Their end of season Performance Review form reflects "Achieves Expectations" or higher; 3) Employee leaves with a rehirable status.

Working time

Work Hours: You should expect to work 38 to 45 hours per week on average. Schedules vary based on the
business needs and staffing levels. We will notify you of your work schedule at least one week in advance.
Due to an FLSA exemption from overtime that applies to amusement or recreational establishments located
in a national park, overtime will not be paid until after 56 hours per week.

Work Start and Work Finish Dates: 

June 15 - July 5 - September 27 - September 30

Accommodation cost


Accommodation description

Employees pay $95.00 per week to cover housing, 3 meals a day, linens, laundry, internet, employee activities, trips to Jackson, and all other employee services. There is no housing security deposit , and your housing costs will be deducted from your paycheck. Grand Teton Lodge Company offers shared, dorm-style, employee housing accommodations. Employees will share a room with 1-3 other roommates (2- 4 persons in a room dependent on room/cabin size). Housing accommodations are basic and located within the National Park. The dorms are within walking distance to work locations. Each employee receives his/her own bed, linens, along with dresser and closet space. Dorm rooms do not include bathrooms as bathrooms are located in "common" areas of the building, shared amongst all employees on your dorm (between 20 employees depending on dorm location and property). At Jenny Lake Lodge, employees must walk outside to another building for the centralized bathrooms. If you intend to accept a position with us, it is very important that you are comfortable sharing your living space with other employees. Although we allow employees to request a roommate(s), no placement is guaranteed, and depending on the time of the season in which you arrive, a roommate request may not be approved. Cooking is not allowed in employee housing, as there are 3 meals per day provided in the employee cafeteria, however, snacks are allowed in the dorms. The employee housing is located on federal land and there are strict regulations, including no underage drinking and no drug use. Issues in living arrangements can impact employment status.

Description of the area

Grand Teton National Park is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and just south of Yellowstone National Park. Millions of visitors from throughout the world come to visit because of our beautiful location and outdoor opportunities. Jackson Hole is the perfect place to experience the American "Wild West".
Hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, rafting, and horseback riding are abundant opportunities in this unique environment as well as great dining and cultural opportunities in the nearby town of Jackson. All work and no play is not good for anyone. With an abundance of outdoor activities and many opportunities to gather with your co-workers, we know you will have fun during your time working for Grand Teton Lodge Company. With an onsite Employee Recreation Director, employees always have opportunities to participate in. We offer many employee events and activities for all interests.
● Parties
● BBQs
● Bon-fires
● Pool tournaments
● Bingo & movie nights
● Outdoor excursions (Yellowstone, Granite Hot Springs, group hikes, kayak trips, etc.)
● Theme parties
● Community volunteer projects
● 4th of July parade and ice cream social