Wall Drug Store

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Wall Drug Store
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Employer region:
South Dakota

Work description

Wall Drug Store is a famous roadside attraction located in western South Dakota, near the Black Hills and Badlands National Park. One of the world’s most well-known tourist attractions, it’s hard to believe Wall Drug Store got its start with something many wouldn’t even turn their heads at today...the promise of free ice water. But in fact, the Husteads [Founders] turned free ice water into a million-dollar idea with a little determination, quick thinking and a lot of signs. Located in Wall, South Dakota, Wall Drug has always been a popular stop on the road to the more populated areas like Mount Rushmore or Rapid City.

Uniform / Dress code

You must wear your name tag with your real first name or a proper, appropriate nickname on it, high on the chest area and visible at all times while working anywhere in the store. You must wear a company provided uniform top and the appropriate pants. The only tops that can be worn while working are the black Wall Drug Sweatshirts that have white lettering, the grey Wall Drug Staff Sweatshirts, company provided smocks and the provided denim tops or green polo tops. Any other tops or sweatshirts are not allowed.
Employees who work in retail, café, maintenance or at Wall Auto Livery are allowed to wear black slacks, the
Company-provided denim skirt or blue or black jeans in good condition, with no holes. Leggings, Capri pants, athletic pants, shorts, and sweatpants are not appropriate workplace attire.

Office employees are required to wear appropriate office attire including button-down shirts, polo shirts, blouses, business pantsuits, slacks or capri slacks, skirts or dresses. Inappropriate office attire includes blue jeans, pocket t-shirts, or t-shirts with logos and shorts.

Additional Uniform Requirements:
● You and your clothes must be neat and clean. This includes, but is not limited to, hair, teeth, ears,
and fingernails.
● All clothing must be of an appropriate size – not too large and not too small.
● No shocking or offensive hairstyles.
● No hats except for the required green hats in food service areas.

● Employees who work in the food prep areas of the café or in the Country Store must wear the
provided Wall Drug Store hat and have long hair tied back.
● Employees who work in the food prep areas of the café or in the Country Store are not allowed to
wear open-toed, “croc-style”, or backless/open-heeled shoes while working.
● No visible offensive tattoos.

No dress code can cover all contingencies so employees must exert a certain amount of judgment in their choice of clothing to wear to work. If you are uncertain about whether something is acceptable, please ask Sarah Hustead. If you need an accommodation under this policy for religious reasons, please let Sarah Hustead know.
Proper Attire for Last Day of Work
● Your name tag
● Nice shirt with a collar
● Black slacks, the Company-provided denim skirt or blue or black jeans in good condition, with no holes. Leggings, Capri pants, athletic pants, shorts, and sweatpants are not appropriate attire for your last day of work.

Hourly wage

Bus Persons are responsible for assisting the waitstaff, bringing water to the tables, clearing tables, taking out the garbage, helping to set the tables in the dining area, bringing dishes back and forth from the kitchen and generally keeping the dining room clean. The wage is $10.50/hour. There are 5 positions available.
Dishwashers are responsible for cleaning and putting away dishes, pots and glassware that are used in the dining room, sweeping and mopping floors, emptying garbage and keeping the kitchen clean. The wage is $10.50/hour. There are 3 positions available.
Food Prep Cooks are responsible for preparing and cooking orders per recipe guidelines, preparing batters, slicing meats and vegetables. You will be in charge of restocking and maintaining workstations to assure plenty of product is always available, and for cleaning of all workstations at the end of the day, including sweeping and mopping of floors. The wage is $10.50/hour. There are 17 positions available.
Hosts are responsible for seating customers, taking orders, using a cash register, and keeping the host station clean. You should be prepared to help out where needed and in general help keep the restaurant clean and running smoothly. The wage is $10.50/hour. There are 3 positions available.
Maintenance workers are responsible for painting, grounds keeping, mowing the lawn, minor repairs, general cleaning, outdoor cleaning, doing laundry, and moving furniture. You may be asked to lift heavy objects and the use of chemical cleaning products may be required. The wage is $10.50/hour. There are 3 positions available.

Retail Sales Helpers are responsible for interacting with customers in an effort to provide them with a high quality shopping experience, handling US currency, and attending to non-sales related duties (i.e. cleaning, merchandising, inventory management). The wage is $10.50/hour. There are 13 positions available.
Stock Clerks are responsible for working in a grocery store or supermarket and will be responsible for receiving shipments, unpackaging/pricing items, regularly stocking shelves and maintaining a neat and clean work environment. The wage is $10.50/hour. There are 2 positions available.

Working time

Work Hours: You should expect to work an average of 40 hours/week throughout the summer. The
schedule is done each week. It is posted the Friday before that week. Employees typically work 4 hours on, 1
hour break, and 4 more hours. Employees work 5 to 6 days each week; 40-48 hours.

Work Start Dates: You should plan your U.S. arrival so you can begin working June 15 – July 15.

Work Finish Dates: We are looking for people who can finish working  October 1. Please be as
upfront and honest as possible about your work finish date. You are required to work at least 3 months.

Accommodation cost

$85/ week

Accommodation description

Wall Drug Store provides housing for employees in houses throughout the town of Wall. Boys and girls do not live together in the same dorms. The houses are fully furnished. The only items you need to bring are towels, clothing, and personal items. All of Wall Drug's housing is within walking distance of the store. The dorms are all smoke free and no pets are allowed. The dorms are inspected weekly and food prizes go to the cleanest dorms. The housing cost in 2019 was $40.00 per week per participant. If it changes before 2020, InterExchange will alert you. There is a $100.00 refundable security deposit , which is refundable if the housing is left clean and undamaged. Housing locations are less than 1 mile from the job site.

Description of the area

Wall is a rural town with a census population of approximately 815 people. In the summer, the town grows due to the inflow of employees from other states and countries. We are only 8 miles north of Badlands National Park and 70 miles East of Mount Rushmore. We have 8 store parties each summer with free food, beverages and prizes. We also have sports activities each week. We host a volleyball and basketball night weekly. We also offer trips to Badlands National Park. There are rodeos that are held in Wall throughout the summer so that is a great experience for someone who has never attended a rodeo.